New energy everywhere

Energy storage systems

Products are widely used in various electric energy storage applications.

Products such as grid energy storage, peaking and frequency modulation, load regulation, distributed power generation, independent/grid-connected micro-grids, data center, communication base stations, UPS, home energy storage, railways, subways, mobile energy storage, etc., cover from micro and small energy storage equipment, standard cabinet-type energy storage equipment, container-type energy storage equipment, to large and super-large integrated energy storage equipment.

Energy storage station in Power Plants


●Smooth power output, to lower the probability of power fluctuations beyond its limit, and their ramp rate;

The tracking ability of power generation plan;

to reduce the power output error from its system prediction.

​Grid energy storage


●Flexible configuration of energy supply to improve the existing transmission and distribution network utilization rate and slow down investment in transmission and distribution equipment;

●Distributed power supply access, supporting the micro-grid power supply;

●Improve the flexibility and reliability of the power supply.


Home Energy Storage System & UPS

●Intelligent charge and discharge management module to support grid exchange and solar PV DC input charging.

It can be applied in family as backup power supply, or in providing constant power supply for essential industrial equipment, network servers and road lighting, etc.

Communication base station standard box


●The arrival of the 5G era means that the communication base stations will have to be upgraded nationwide. It becomes nearly a standard setting in recent years that lithium batteries is installed into the base station system. Therefore, energy storage market will surely excite lithium batteries again. The battery has the advantage of high energy density, high safety, high temperature performance, long cycle life, environmental protection etc.

Cell model

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