People oriented quality innovation

Management system

Policy of Quality management system

Quality first, customers oriented , continuous improvement, and pursuit of excellence.

Policy of Environmental and occupational health and safety management system

Strict obedience of laws and regulations, energy saving and consumption reduction, pollution prevention, combination of prevention and handling, continuous improvement, supervision strengthening, and safe production.

Since her establishment, ANC has built a high-standard of quality management system originated from the system of automotive industry, and obtained the IATF 16949: 2016 certificate of quality management system which was issued by TUV.

For years, ANC has always sticked to the policies of quality first, customers-oriented, continuous improvement, and pursuit of excellence. We has always committed to improving product quality, and in 2020, we had successfully obtained the GJB9001C weapons and equipment quality management system certification in 2020.

The management group attaches great importance to the optimization of business processes from customer information collection, transformation, processing to product independent R&D, procurement, production, inspection, delivery etc. We aim to continuously optimize and improve operational efficiency and enhance overall competitiveness.

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